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Usually when we think of legal professionals we think of individuals in suits in a court room in front of a judge. Well in the this day and age there are many aspects of law that are done working from home. The telecommuting legal industry has positions such as corporate attorney, legal research analyst, paralegals and much more.

Legal professionals are able to find various positions and work from the comforts of their own home some times creating their own schedule to work. Although many of the positions are 9-5 they maybe in various time zones. Depending on your company you may work with international companies and have to be available at various hours.

Legal Professionals will need equipment when working from home. Many times this equipment is provided by the employer. However if you are contracting your legal services then you will need a computer, webcam, USB headset, and or home phone. This equipment should be obtained before attempting to provide services. I would also suggest any software that is needed to perform duties. Many software companies will offer free trials to use their software. There are many companies that offer legal software such as Practice Panther Legal, MyCase, and Clio to name a few.

According to an article on the American Bar Association website the new virtual law firm is becoming a reality. This article gives great insight on how legal firms operate in the virtual capacity. Below there are several positions that are hiring currently for legal positions.


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