Two Chicks With A Side Hustle

Telephone mystery shopping can be a great side hustle for people who enjoy evaluating customer service and providing feedback.

In telephone mystery shopping, a company hires individuals to make phone calls to businesses posing as a regular customer. The mystery shopper’s job is to evaluate the customer service they receive and provide detailed feedback to the company. This feedback can be used by the company to improve the customer experience and train employees on best practices.

One of the benefits of telephone mystery shopping as a side hustle is that it can be done from anywhere with a phone and an internet connection. This makes it a flexible option for people who are looking for a way to earn extra income around their regular schedule.

To get started with telephone mystery shopping, you’ll need to sign up with a mystery shopping company. These companies often have a list of businesses that they work with, and they’ll assign you a phone call to make as a mystery shopper. You’ll be given specific instructions on what to say and listen for during the call, and you’ll be expected to provide detailed feedback on your experience.

The amount you can earn as a telephone mystery shopper will vary depending on the company you work for and the specific assignment you’re given. Some companies may pay a flat fee for each call, while others may pay based on the length of the call or the complexity of the assignment.

If you’re interested in becoming a telephone mystery shopper, it’s important to keep in mind that this type of work can be competitive. Some companies may have a high demand for mystery shoppers, while others may have a limited number of openings. You may need to apply to multiple companies to find a side hustle that works for you.

Overall, telephone mystery shopping can be a fun and flexible way to earn extra income as a side hustle. If you enjoy evaluating customer service and providing feedback, it could be a great fit for you. So, it can be a good opportunity for people who want to work from home and earn some extra cash. Below are companies that hire for telephone mystery shopping.

Yardi Matrix

Best Mark

CSR Inc.

Perception Strategies

Hotel Shopping Network



DSG Associates

Bare International

Business Evaluation Services


Perception Strategies

Quest for Best

Reality Based Group

Secret Shopper


Shoppers’ Critique International

Shopper’s View