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Most people think that you need to make a large investment when wanting to work from home and that is totally not the case. I will give you a list of 4 items that you must have to work from home.  Some of the items needed you may already have and some others you may need to purchase.  Either way we will show you how to start working from home with minimal investment. 

1. Computer – A desktop or laptop is fine. It is your preference. Below I will post a few affordable computer options. 

a. The computer should have Windows 10. The computer should be no  older than 5 years.  If you purchase a desktop it requires a monitor.  Please make sure your monitor is no smaller than 17 inches.  If you are able to please purchase a second monitor because it will really help when accessing multiple applications at once.

2. Internet Service– This can be purchased through your local cable service provider or telephone service provider.  You should purchase a mid-grade internet service.  Most employers require you to have a certain download and upload speed to run their applications on your computer. 

3. Land Line Telephone Service – Although most companies are getting away from routing calls to your landline phone.  There are companies who still follow this practice. You will need a telephone in your home.  This can be a VOIP line or a standard POTS line.  Some companies require special phones to take the calls and I will post some of them below, but you can also take the calls on a regular phone if you are not able to purchase these.

4. USB headset – Most companies today route calls to your computer and you will use this specialized headset that connects to your computer to take the calls.  These headsets range in price depending on what you like.  I will post the link to several headsets below.  I currently own a pair of Logitech USB headphones and they work great.  They are reasonably priced. 

Suggested USB Headset 1

Suggested USB Headset 2

Suggested USB HeadSet 3

Other Items that are useful:


Office Chair

Printer, Scanner, Fax Machine

Backup headphones

Second Monitor

Camera-if your computer doesn’t have one.