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Ascensus is look for a person to take charge of their IRA customer service. If you have experience working with IRA’s check out the posting from Ascensus below.

The IRA Customer Service Specialist position is responsible for delivering exceptional customer service that exceeds IRA Owner expectations in all contact interactions.  This position requires an advanced level of Traditional and Roth IRA knowledge and is primarily responsible for providing front-line call center and operational process support to IRA Owners.  The IRA Customer Service Specialist processes applications, verifies  documentation, processes distribution requests, rollovers from 401k plans,  pulls fees,  and responds to IRA owner inquiries.

Section 2: Job Functions, Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for protecting, securing, and proper handling of all confidential data held by Ascensus to ensure against unauthorized access, improper transmission, and/or unapproved disclosure of information that could result in harm to Ascensus or our clients.
  • Our I-Client service philosophy and our Core Values of People Matter, Quality First and Integrity Always® should be visible in your actions on a day to day basis showing your support of our organizational culture.
  • Provide technical and operational assistance to IRA Owners
  • Perform support functions for all IRA Owners
  • Interact directly with IRA Owners, answering questions and offer guidance regarding IRA accounts as well as the regulations surrounding them
  • Process IRA Service Agreements
  • Data input and verification of all customer information pertaining to the initial application
  • Process distribution requests correctly and within the service levels defined within partner agreements and operational goals
  • Scan all data into the optical imaging system
  • Perform a variety of tasks related to opening, maintaining and closing out IRA accounts
  • Take initiative to continuously develop skills and industry knowledge to enhance the value of all customer interactions
  • Recommend and implement continuous improvements to back office processes identified through daily interaction with customers and internal operations teams
  • Perform other duties and special projects as assigned
  • Assist with other tasks and projects as assigned


  • N/A

Section 3:  Experience, Skills, Knowledge Requirements

  • Communication Skills – Communicates regularly with both peers and colleagues in other business units. Demonstrates ability to document procedures that are clear and easy to understand.  Effectively communicates with clients on specific tasks.
  • Technical Knowledge – Minimal ERISA knowledge or job specific technical knowledge required. Demonstrates in depth understanding of assigned tasks underpinning operational function.
  • Problem Solving- Effectively solves problems with direction utilizing resources/procedures for a specific process, with a defined resolution.
  • Detail Oriented Vs. Big Picture- Generally focuses and understands details on specific tasks while understanding to a limited extent the identified implications to the entire process associated with the task.
  • Conflict Resolution – Addresses conflicts within team (direct circle of influence) related to tasks/processes for which they have direct ownership.
  • Training/Mentoring – Is generally trained/mentored and has the ability to train a fellow associate on specific tasks.
  • Risk Taking/Decision Making – Makes decisions on a participant or plan level transaction based on precedent (assistance may be required).
  • Planning/Organizing – Generally plans 1-2 days in advance in order to meet specific tasks as defined.  Generally planning for self only and vacation back-up as needed.  Organized so that specific items can consistently be retrieved quickly.
  • Time Management/Prioritization – Works most efficiently with a pre-defined schedule or set of existing priorities, but able to be effectively flexible if a situation calls for it.  Needs assistance dealing with conflicting priorities.  Responsibility to manage own tasks.
  • Work Style – Works well independently on specific tasks.  Requires some direction in more complicated or out of the box tasks.   Able to develop and maintain rapport with others, demonstrates sensitivity and respect for others.
  • Initiative/Work Ethic – Completes daily work as assigned.  Will seek out opportunities to assist peers with daily volumes. Independently identify areas of processing that could be improved and acted upon. Will take on additional departmental responsibilities when assigned.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business is preferred or industry related work experience to commensurate to the position
  • Knowledge of financial services industry and IRA products
  • Proficiency with PC’s including Microsoft Office software applications
  • Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) a plus