Two Chicks With A Side Hustle

Activus Connect is hiring Ambassador – Processing Support. If you are in need of a position immediately. Check out this company the pay is $15.00/hr. Many individuals on our YouTube Channel and FaceBook Group were hired in less than a week. Activus describes the position as follows on their website:


At Activus Connect, we are a team that operates on the simple principals of mutual accountability, reliability, and dependability.  In order to be part of the team, we must be able to rely on you and that starts with being at work on time, consistently doing your best, and taking pride in the work you perform. 

In this position, you will review and submit requests for business processes. You will assist in completing unemployment opportunities and queries where you will be responsible for the communication required to complete the request by phone and/or email. You will also be responsible for creating a unique customer experience that is courteous, helpful, and delivers customer-centric solutions to meet customers’ financing needs. Fulfill all calls within established timeframes to ensure goals are achieved. Be thoroughly familiar with all product guidelines and requirements to provide appropriate guidance for each customer. 

This role is that of unemployment assistance where you will be relied upon to those that truly need unemployment assistance by addressing any outstanding items and offering solutions for their application submission. It’s that simple! 


  • Open client accounts by accurately recording their detailed information  
  • Identify and assess clients’ needs to achieve satisfaction  
  • Provide accurate, valid and complete information by using the right methods/tools  
  • Obtain and keep records of client interactions, process client accounts, and file documents  
  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines, and policies  
  • Go the extra mile to engage clients and assure them warmly and ascertain problem or reason for calling  
  • Advise on company information  
  • Utilize computer technology to handle high call volumes 


  • Comfortable using e-mail and chat for real-time communication
  • Strong phone handling, analytical, and active listening skills. 
  • Diligent follow up skills 
  • Self-motivated and comfortable from home, using your personal computer. 
  • Good attitude, positive outlook – you consider yourself to be social! 
  • Reliable, dependable, and punctual. 
  • Motivated and self-directed. 


  • Experience:  10+ years of professional work experience, preferably in the service industry 
  • Strong communication skills, oral and written 
  • Must be drawn to process-oriented tasks with high attention to detail 
  • Must have strong computer skills and the ability to troubleshoot one’s own computer. 
  • Self-motivated, positive disposition is key – proven ability to work in self direct, virtual environments. 
  • Must be proficient in reading and speaking English
  • Ability to commit to paid online training


  • Desktop or laptop (Tablets, Winbooks, Smart devices, Windows Mini PCs, Chromebook and Android systems are NOT compatible) 
    • Operation system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Mac OS Mojave or Newer
    • Processor speed: Dual Core 2 GHz or better 
    • RAM:  4gb or better 
    • Hard Drive: 20gb or better 
    • All peripherals must be wired (wireless keyboard, wireless mouse or wireless headset are NOT allowed) 
  • Must have reliable high-speed internet 
    • 10MB download 
    • 3MB upload 
    • DSL, Cable, Fiber ONLY – (no Wi-Fi or satellite-based service) 
  • For this project, wired audio and noise-canceling microphone device is required. 
  • We do require that you have an active, functioning webcam for the purposes of compliance, quality assurance, and coaching or support sessions. 
  • A second monitor/screen is highly recommended


You will be required to be at your workstation for your shift periods. It is required that you create an environment that is ergonomically sound for your comfort and needs 


The hourly pay rate is $15 per hour.

To complete your application you will need to take a screenshot (saved as PNG or JPEG) of the following two items so that you can upload them in your application:

1)  Please complete a computer speed test using this link:  Activus Connect Speedtest (though any speed test site acceptable)
2)  Please locate your computer specifications and take a screenshot.  If you need assistance, there are numerous videos and “how-to” documents online.  Simply search for how to find computer specs for the version of Windows you are running.  **Please remember that you will need to include your operating system, processor speed, RAM and Hard Drive details** 
3)  Please take a photo of your intended workspace