Two Chicks With A Side Hustle

Pathable is looking for an Event Support Specialist. This is a salaried position. If you are interested in this position. Check out what their website says about the position.


Pathable provides a “virtual event platform”, allowing conferences and trade shows to operate entirely online. Our clients are the producers of these conferences and trade shows. 

We are a 100% remote company, so you are expected to work from home or a quiet, professional location of your choice. We have clients and offices throughout the world, but the majority of our clients are US-based, so we are primarily hiring people who will work roughly East Coast US working hours.

An Event Support Specialist is the equivalent of “on site” support for a conference or tradeshow. In the “in person” world, you would be helping out at the registration desk, getting lapel mics to speakers, and ensuring that exhibitors have everything they need for their booths. Because this is a virtual / online event, most of that doesn’t apply, but the same principles hold: you’re helping out in whatever ways necessary to ensure a successful event.

An Event Support Specialist enjoys the excitement and nervousness that surround a live event and excels in projecting a calm, focused professional demeanor via email, phone and video. When not specifically assigned to an event, an Event Support Specialist assists the Client Support Specialist team in answering requests from Zendesk.

Note: as part of the job application, you will be asked to upload a short (5 minute max) video of yourself teaching someone how to do something. You can choose from the following list or choose your own:

  • How to load a Pez dispenser
  • How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • How to use an umbrella

Essential Job Functions

  • Provide high-response client support via email, phone and video during events, for up to 8 hours. This assistance can take different forms, depending on the needs of the client:
    • Receiving and addressing technical questions/concerns from client via email, phone and video
    • Opening Zoom sessions prior to sessions and assisting speakers with their “tech check”
  • When not assigned to an event, assisting the Client Support Specialist team with Tier 1 tech support for event hosts and attendees via phone, email, chat, and/or video chat
  • QA issues within the product, find solutions, and create escalation tickets to development
  • Manage expectations and communications with the client or internal staff


  • Available to work some weekends
  • Foundation in customer service basics:  a reassuring, unflappable attitude will take you far!
  • Strong empathy for the client and desire to solve the problems they may face
  • Superior communication and demonstration skills (verbal and written)
  • English fluency, both written and spoken
  • Ability to convey technical information to a general audience
  • Ability to learn on a steep learning curve
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment
  • Reliable Internet access and a reliable computer
  • Comfort and facility with modern computers, the Internet, and the web lifestyle

Bonus (Not Required)

  • Experience in providing high-touch customer relationship services (e.g., support, sales) 
  • Experience in event management or production, or media production
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript
  • Experience with Zendesk or similar CRM tools
  • Experience supporting Zoom, Skype, Vimeo or other video tools

Our Culture Rewards:

  • Professionals with solid skills and solid principles
  • People who know the web like an old friend
  • People who thrive on problem-solving and figuring things out
  • Someone other people want to work with (organized, helpful, easy-going, and friendly)
  • People who are highly responsible and self-motivated, and slightly overboard on attention to detail

What’s In It for You:

  • Full-time salary from $42,000 – $48,000 
  • Participation in our company-sponsored health insurance plan
  • Unlimited (Responsible) PTO
  • Stock options
  • Pet friendly work environment
  • Joie de vivre