Two Chicks With A Side Hustle


  • We are looking for a passionate Account Executive to join our team, to create partnerships with schools and drive sales of Project Wayfinders curriculum and training packages.
  • We strongly encourage people from traditionally underrepresented populations in tech – such as women, People of Color, People with Disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people, etc – to apply!


  • Identify, secure, and expand the impact of Project Wayfinders reach.
  • Working with a business development team to identify and contact interested schools
  • Participate in various marketing campaigns such as podcasts, newspaper/magazine interviews, etc. to educate the community on Project Wayfinder and build awareness.
  • Have 4 to 6 meaningful conversations a day with prospective school partners + educators to help them understand the importance of purpose learning and Project Wayfinder and start the process of becoming a partner school.
  • Create authentic, meaningful and long-lasting relationships with a variety of stakeholders in the education field.
  • Serve as a problem-solver for potential schools and help them see how Project Wayfinder could help advance their mission
  • Continuously follow up with schools who are interested in Project Wayfinder and help them overcome barriers to bringing purpose learning to their school.
  • Visit potential school partners at site visits.
  • Provide logistical and back end administrative support for new school partners. Including organizing on site trainings, processing invoicing information and guiding schools through the budgeting process.
  • Help lead a team of 2-4 other outreach folks that are part of your geographic pod including a marketing person, junior sales person, and onboarding specialist.



  • At a high level, we are looking for a highly motivated, successful relationship-builder, who is a demonstrated self-starter with at least some background in K12 education, with proven success in sales.
  • This person needs to have the drive to make sure our curriculum gets into the hands of more students and educators.
  • Below we have listed out some things we are looking for; you do not necessarily need to check all these boxes to be eligible for this position. Here are some components we think that includes:

Essential Experience

  • Minimum of 4 years in a Sales: We need you to have a proven track record in sales, especially at a fast growing company. This is the most critical part of this job. This could be products, services, political campaigning, or admissions recruitment. Bottomline: you need to feel comfortable hustling, selling, and doing outreach in a high-rejection environment.
  • Self-Motivated: This is a highly self-motivated role + you need to be a self-starter
  • Organized: You are going to be talking to hundreds of people from dozens of organizations. You need to be able to organize and manage all this.
  • Good Relationship Builder: Your main role will be building relationships with new prospective schools and educators. You need to be able to make connections and build relationships quickly.
  • Familiarity with K-12 Education: You do not necessarily have to have been a classroom teacher, but familiarity with the K12 system, particularly the high school system is a must. A lot of talking to potential clients is helping them figure out where Project Wayfinder will fit into their school.
  • Purpose-Alignment: This job needs to fit into how you would define your own sense of purpose. It needs to align with your own personal story and values.
  • Be Persuasive: Understand the value and importance of the purpose learning movement and why it is important for prospective customers

Preferred Experience

  • Leading an after-school program for HS students
  • Worked as an educator in a high school classroom for at least two years
  • Worked in school administration
  • Worked in a traditional sales/outreach role and moved up the ranks
  • Had experience working for a start-up
  • Background with Salesforce + MixMax