Two Chicks With A Side Hustle

Employer: Andela

About the role:

  • The Profile Editor Specialist is responsible for ensuring that all engineers entering the Andela Talent Network have polished and linguistically accurate profiles that closely align and adhere to our quality guidelines.
  • You will serve as a final quality control gatekeeper and will work closely with our screening and staffing teams on achieving that.
  • We need problem solvers, creative thinkers, and people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.
  • If this sounds like you, keep reading – we want to hear from you! We are a fully remote company and you can truly live anywhere while doing this job.


  • Once our engineers are vetted and approved for the Andela Talent Network, a profile creator will work with them to fill in all the technical details.
  • You will help them proofread, edit, and update the profiles to ensure they follow our style guidelines.
  • This job will also ensure that the profiles have proper skills, the projects they are proud of, and that the past engagements have enough information.
  • In this role, you will work remotely in a distributed company and help a small team keep their quality at the highest level.
  • We also expect you to contribute actively with your ideas, work on improving our styling guidelines, and actively contributing to the development of the team’s glossary of technical terms.
  • With more experience, we expect you to become a subject matter expert on profile components and assist with the on-boarding of new team members, and help the profile editing team to support other projects and teams across Andela.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in English, English writing, linguistics, or related field is a plus.
  • A precise and aesthetic eye and attention to detail.
  • Excellent foundational knowledge in English grammar and writing mechanics.
  • Ability to edit written English material to a style guide, ideally in a professional or academic setting.
  • Experience with resume writing is a plus.
  • Technical and engineering terminology fluency; you don’t have to be an engineer, but speaking the language is a plus.
  • Humble and willing to learn/grow. We need confident and capable people who want to help each other succeed as much as they want to help our talent succeed.
  • This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere.


In the first week:

  • Onboard and integrate into Andela.
  • Learn about Andela’s existing product suite.
  • Become acquainted with your area of focus, peers, and stakeholders.

In the first month:

  • Focus on learning technical and engineering jargon.
  • Start editing our existing profiles to get familiar with our environment.
  • Evolve from shadowing assessment interviews to get better insights into our assessment process.

In the first three months:

  • Finish training in profile editing and be able to do unsupervised editing.
  • Fully embed yourself in your team and Contribute actively in team meetings.
  • Understand Andela’s assessment processes and propose new ways to scale editing processes.
  • Establish yourself as a well-known, key player within the team, and Andela.

In the first six months:

  • Progress from absorbing information from subject matter experts to providing expertise yourself, actively answering questions on the Talent Network channels, and advising engineers on ways to improve and optimize their profiles.

In the first year:

  • Become a subject matter expert on profile components and assist with the on-boarding of new team members
  • Help the profile editing team to support other projects and teams across Andela.