Two Chicks With A Side Hustle

  • Primary Duties
    • Answer phones and direct clients to staff or assist with simple issues (e.g. asking about our pricing, collecting client-provided information, and manually handling client intake)
    • Monitor incoming emails and assign tasks to staff or respond directly to clients
    • Setting up client trip information to begin the planning process
  • Secondary Duties
    • Perform accounting tasks and run credit cards when needed
    • Assist staff with various tasks as asked
    • Call airlines to assist with client travel arrangements (e.g. book seat assignments, retrieve or modify travel details)
    • Upload time-sensitive travel to our flight monitoring tools
    • Add client information to our booking system

How does that sound? If it’s the kind of thing you’d like to do, then here’s what we’re looking for. 


  • Reliable – You’ll be working remotely, and we don’t like to micro-manage. Things move quickly here and we need everyone to be on duty when expected. If you say you’ll do something, we need to trust you’ll follow through.
  • Quick Learner – We don’t require that you know a ton about the travel industry for this job. We’ll train you on what you need to know. We just need you to be able to pick things up quickly. 
  • Detail Oriented – Dealing with air travel is not easy since there are a million important details and all have to be conveyed correctly. Even little things matter. For example, does it bother you that there’s no hyphen between “Detail” and “Oriented”? If so, we like you already.

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