Two Chicks With A Side Hustle

Employer: SnackMagic


SnackMagic is a global snack and swag gifting service. Our unique edge is our signature build-your-own/customizable snack stash concept. Through SnackMagic, corporate organizers are able to use our easy-to-use platform to provide mood-boosting gifts to delight groups of 5-20,000.

We’re a product-first ambitious team that’s obsessed with a united vision for taking our business to new heights, and we’re a true pandemic pivot story. We transformed from a solid New York City-based corporate lunch service, called STADIUM, whose trajectory was thrown off-course given the changing dynamic of working on-site to working at-home, and have since never looked back. SnackMagic today has outpaced years of STADIUM’s growth due to our agile team and ability to pioneer a new way to bring companies together in a changing world.

We are looking for a Graphic Designer to help bring the best design work to our newest initiative, SwagMagic. You will help design, develop, and create custom work for our SwagMagic website and materials.


  • Demonstrable creativity
  • Be comfortable delivering on briefs and presenting work
  • Attention to detail and time management are critical
  • Work cohesively with a close team


  • Fantastic company culture with the guarantee to make an impact, and be given autonomy to contribute and shape our culture
  • Career mobility and opportunity to work across areas of the corporation
  • Remote-first work environment with frequent Zoom company events and chance to make genuine connections