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Our Mission

At Twine, we recognise that companies require a flexible approach to hiring expert freelancers for their most critical projects. Traditional freelance platforms often fall short when it comes to scalability and diversity. That’s where we shine. Twine operates as a thriving global freelance network, with diverse experts across various fields, including marketing, engineering, and AI. Our core mission is to empower creators, whether they’re businesses or individual freelancers, to thrive in their creative endeavours.

About the Role

Our client is looking for a mid-level marketing freelancer to assist with a project focused on creating an email automation flow for onboarding. This is a short-term, remote assignment that requires expertise in email marketing and automation. The project has a tight deadline and involves designing a precise email sequence with specific requirements for timing and content.


  • Design and create an email automation flow for onboarding new users/customers
  • Determine the optimal number of email touches in the sequence
  • Establish the ideal timing between email touches
  • Develop engaging content for each email in the sequence
  • Ensure the email flow aligns with best practices in user onboarding and engagement


  • Proven experience as a mid-level marketing professional, specializing in email marketing
  • Strong knowledge of email automation tools and strategies
  • Excellent writing skills with the ability to create engaging email content
  • Understanding of user onboarding best practices
  • Ability to work independently and remotely

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