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Job Type

Full-time, Part-time, Temporary


Based in Seattle, Direct Interactions operates contact centers staffed by American agents nationwide. We are socially responsible in our business practices and provide work-at-home opportunities for all Americans, including those with disabilities, military personnel and/or their spouses, or simply anyone with a need to work from home for whatever reason. Direct Interactions helps organizations better serve the public through the use of rewarding and innovating practices by building and managing teams of compassionate humans who draw on their own experiences to help other humans through difficult and complicated challenges to achieve measurable improvement in outcomes.

About the Position

We transform customer service into customer care by providing a flexible work-at-home culture that attracts people with a passion for caring. If you are selected for this role, you would be accepting incoming calls from those that may be in distress from being affected by a natural disaster such as a hurricane, a flood, a tornado and so on. Most callers are in need of some type of immediate assistance so it would be your role to accept the call and exercise your listening skills, show empathy and compassion no matter what the situation may be and get them the help they are requesting and/or need by dispatching.

What’s Next

To be considered, you must first be invited to go through our job tryout phase assessments (this correspondence will come via email if selected). Please continue to monitor all inboxes in your email so that way you do not miss an email or any deadline to respond by.


  • Must be a self-starter
  • Must demonstrate a passion for providing outstanding service
  • Ability to communicate professionally
  • Must have the ability to follow client scripting while simultaneously recording the caller’s information and requests on the call form
  • Must maintain composure across a variety of customer and peer interactions
  • Experience working in a team environment (IE cooperating with co-workers, joint problem solving etc.)
  • Proper articulation, attention to detail and assertiveness required
  • Excellent verbal communication skills including grammar and voice quality, tone and pitch
  • Routinely demonstrates listening skills and is attentive to the needs of those you will be assisting
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure in a fast-paced contact center environment
  • Documentation, data entry, organization and problem-solving skills are imperative
  • Ability to remain calm while taking back-to-back calls
  • Ability to show empathy and compassion for those that may be frustrated or anxious
  • Ability to use a computer quickly and accurately
  • Ability to be flexible and handle changes efficiently
  • Must type at least 30 WPM
  • Ability to handle detailed work with a high degree of accuracy and speed
  • Excellent written communication skills a must

Additional Requirements

  • Must pass a criminal background check paid for by us (Direct Interactions)
  • Legally able to work in the United States
  • Must be a current resident living in the United States
  • Must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent
  • CAN NOT RESIDE IN CALIFORNIA OR NEW YORK; We do not hire in those states at this time


(please convert all times to reflect in your time zone)

*All dates and times are tentative and are subject to change*

Orientation- Tuesday August 22, 2023 at 12pm EST followed by self-paced training (30-45 minutes)

(your self-paced training will be assigned in the orientation and must be completed before live training to be advanced to the virtual instructor led training course)

Virtual instructor led training- Wednesday August 23, 2023 at 3pm EST (3.5 hours)

All training is paid (orientation, self-paced training and live training is all paid)

After all training is complete (orientation, self paced training and live training), you can then start scheduling on Thursday 8/24 and start working. 

Pay Rate

  • $15.00 per hour
  • $15.50 (bilingual agent speaking fluent Spanish & English) 
  • This is an employee position
  • We are paid biweekly via direct deposit 


  • Pick your own hours for a minimum of 20 up to 40 hours per week scheduled in 1-hour increments
  • The call center is open 24/7, however our need is between 7am EST and 11pm EST and weekends (any overnight hours are covered and only available occasionally)
  • Must work at least 5 hours over the weekend (can work more, we just require at least 5 hours be worked on the weekends)


  • Paid time off (PTO)

Technical Requirements

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer running Windows 10 or higher (no Windows 7 or 8.1). WE DO NOT SUPPORT MACs, Chromebooks or Tablet/iPads
  • DSL or Cable internet (Wireless and Satellite are not compatible with our software)
  • Current antivirus and antispyware
  • Installed operational firewall
  • High-speed internet connected to a US based ISP
  • USB headset with microphone with mute button (NO WIRELEES)
  • Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browser

*If you are selected, your offer is contingent upon successfully completing and passing a background check.

Currently, Apple computers (Mac laptop or desktop) and Chromebooks are not compatible with any of our client’s software.

*There are NEVER any fees associated with applying or working for Direct Interactions.


Salary Description

15.00 per hour