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Employer: HealthMark Group

MISSION: The mission for this role is to provide excellent customer service to clients, patients, and requestors. This role will be required to meet daily goals and report to the Requestor Support Team Manager with any continuous issues. He/she should align with HealthMark Groups core values and culture of the company. To remove the burden of release of information from our clients by being client-focused.

REQUIREMENTS: The requirement for this role is to have good communication and interpersonal skills to build a good working relationship with requestors, clients, and co-workers. This position requires a person to be detailed oriented and be able to resolve customer issues in a timely manner. This person will report directly to Director of Production and Requestor Support and the Requestor Support Team Manager.

Daily Roles and Responsibilities:

***Key Points: Requestor Support: Ensure HealthMark is providing excellent customer service and being client-focused.

  • Assist clients, patients, and requestors with status of requests for medical records and disability paperwork.
  • Ensure daily goals of 100 calls/a day are being met.
  • Make sure voicemails are being returned within two hours.
  • Report any potential Privacy Incident to the Requestor Support Team Manager.
  • Report any recurring issues to the Requestor Support Team Manger.
  • Ensure notes are accurate and detailed. All actions require a note in Med-Release.
  • Making sure we are providing detailed information to clients, patients and requestors.
  • Have an overview of all HealthMark- Group departments.
  • Know the proper use and understanding of statuses and use of next call dates.
  • Assist requestor on fee approvals with Accounts Receivable.
  • Receive payments and send them to Accounts Receivable.
  • Fax and/or email records securely to requestors.
  • Reprocess request that are missing additional records.
  • Assist requestors and patients on how to submit a request online or by fax.
  • Provide additional assistance on how to download medical records through Med-Release.
  • Field calls out to the appropriate departments.
  • Suggest potential ideas for process improvement, instructional videos, or patient/client instructions.

Status Line: Review all emails and faxes and determine what is needed.

  • Ensure all faxes and emails are handled daily.
  • Send medical record requests to the Remote or Field Processors.
  • Send credit card information and cancellation faxes to Accounts Receivable.
  • Forward Disability paperwork that needs completed to the Patient Services department.
  • Assist clients, patients, and requestors with status of request via email.
  • Forward faxes/ emails to correct departments for additional assistance.
  • Create new order for field stop request to get processed.

Pending Authorizations: Review all non-compliant requests and reach out to requestor to obtain additional information.

  • All pending authorization will be handled daily.
  • Review requests to determined what is needed.
  • Follow up with requestors to receive additional information.
  • Release records once the notice period is up on Subpoenas if we do not need the authorization.
  • Input missing requestor information once received.
  • Follow up on the authorization if still needed after the notice period has expired.