Two Chicks With A Side Hustle

Employer: Athena EA

Our customers are ambitious, high-impact CEOs, founders, and execs. They have started 100+ companies, raised billions in venture capital, taken companies public, worked in the White House, invested in Facebook/Uber/ Airbnb, run professional sports teams, Governor of US states, and competed in Ironman races and the World Series of Poker.

They’ve joined Athena to get more leverage, more impact, more success, and more time via their relationship with their top 1% Philippines-based Executive Assistant. They are world-class humans who want to get world-class at delegation.

Our Client Success Associate assists our Client Success Manager and aligns with the clients’ expectations, supporting them throughout their Athena experience.

High-level Responsibilities

  • Client advocate: Voice client concerns and collect feedback for product and process improvements.
  • Client partner: Educate clients on how Athena can help achieve their business goals.
  • Team Player: Work cross-functionally with internal teams to improve company initiatives and processes.

Specific Projects

  • Directly reporting to Client Success Manager
  • Own a client portfolio (post-60 day tenured clients)
  • Manage escalations and client complaints
  • Respond to client questions about our services, results and provide additional specialized services when needed.
  • Ensure that all requests and case management workflows are resolved on time to meet client expectations.
  • Gather feedback from clients or customers to optimize or work on areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Assist in facilitating programs for clients and runs annual reviews with them
  • Responsible for full-scale retention efforts on client churn and referral optimization.
  • Conduct and deliver additional projects as assigned by the manager