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Employer: MuseMinded


As the primary contact for clients, the mission of a MuseMinded Bookkeeper is to be the face of radical customer care for the organization. They are the driving force for delivering high quality books on time to a portfolio of clients.


Ensure that all clients in the portfolio consistently have their books closed and deliverables sent by the 15th of every month

  • All bank transactions are to be coded by the Bookkeeper
  • Coordinate with the Bookkeeping Support team to ensure microtasks get completed on time
  • Complete the first round of review on each client in your portfolio, with an eye for accuracy and consistency

Zero material errors make it to the client

  • If a mistake is the result of trying something new or is an error of execution, then we will be understanding of first-time mistakes and will chalk it up as a learning experience
  • Because we’re committed to quality, repeated mistakes of execution are not okay. We have systems and training to minimize errors and frameworks in place for accountability. The client should never be on the receiving end of our errors

Swift client response turnaround timeframe

  • All inquiries received from clients will be acknowledged within 3 business hours, including a commitment to a follow-up deadline
  • All commitments and expectations given to a client will be met

Achieve a NPS of 90 or higher for your portfolio of clients

  • Net Promoter Score measures customer loyalty and correlates with how well we are meeting and exceeding expectations. (More on NPS here)
  • A 90+ NPS is very difficult to achieve and only the most customer-centric companies in the world hit those marks
  • As a primary point of contact for clients, you will play a central role in developing and implementing methods for delighting clients

Serve as a knowledge source for basic bookkeeping questions pertaining to the portfolio clients

  • While MuseMinded Operators are the ultimate resource for domain knowledge and judgement calls, the Bookkeeper will be the “first stop” for addressing clarification requests or communicating nuances to the Bookkeeping Support team
  • For any matters requiring a large degree of attention/judgement, we will address them with a different system that we call Issues Tracking.

Embody a project manager spirit for the portfolio of clients

  • Each client’s financials are to be viewed as a “project” which houses many tasks. Most of these tasks are completed by several different members of the Bookkeeping Support team
  • The Bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring that no task is forgotten or overlooked throughout the project’s monthly cycle, all are completed thoroughly and in a timely manner, and that they are executed with consistency from month to month
  • Prioritize the client’s experience/success by understanding the entire bookkeeping cycle that needs to be completed for each client and monitoring its success while tasks are being passed from hand to hand throughout it

Handle additional bookkeeping tasks outside of coding for high-touch clients within the portfolio

  • There will inevitably be tasks within the bookkeeping cycle that require a level of customer interaction or attention to detail higher than what the Bookkeeping Support team can provide. These will be the responsibility of the Bookkeeper (sometimes through email communications and occasionally on video calls with clients)

Actively involved in the company’s internal culture

  • We value a culture of camaraderie, mutual support and care, and shared success
  • There are some regular and occasional relationship-building initiatives and meetings that take place during regular working hours. We expect everyone on our team to appreciate/value these activities and come ready to participate in them


Communication/English fluency

Speaks and writes clearly and articulately in English. Maintains this standard in all forms of communication, including email. Ensures that key information is shared timely, clearly, kindly, and respectfully.

Accounting Degree

Proven completion of education in the accounting field. Understands many aspects of a client’s overall financial health and performance in order to provide a higher level of client service.

Attention to detail

  • Does not let important details slip though the cracks or derail a project.


  • Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.


  • Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidences. Does what is right and speaks truthfully.


  • Exhibits passion and care around each client’s success. Commits to understanding a client’s pain points and prioritize their resolution.


  • Focused on working for the good of their team and organization. Willingly follows processes and procedures, rarely misses work or appointments, and always warns others in advance if it seems they might fail to meet commitments.

Work ethic

  • Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Has a track record of working hard.