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  • At-Risk Engagement Support addresses the specific barriers to Virtual Education encountered by families of At-Risk and Educationally Disadvantaged students, including:
    • Computer Literacy
    • Internet and Online Platform Usage
    • Remote Learning Communication Skills
    • Remote Learning Classroom Skills
  • Assists in managing and reporting participation and performance data of At-Risk Elementary students in STAAR prep platforms
  • Assist in management, support, and outreach of At-Risk Elementary students in online platforms designed to increase performance on the STAAR/STAAR EOC assessment (s) (ie: FEV Tutor, Education Galaxy, Let’s Go Learn)

This position may perform other duties as assigned in alignment with the SCE program. This position may not perform: 

  • Duties related to testing, such as test administration 
  • Perform legislatively mandated duties or activities that are specifically allocated to a regular education position, such as  
  • Activities or duties that would supplement anything other than the regular education program, such as parent/family liaison 

Supervisory Responsibilities: This position has no formal supervisory responsibilities.

Minimum Required Qualifications:   

  • Two (2) years of college AND
  • Two (2) years of experience in education OR
  • Equivalent combination of education and related experience

Certificates and Licenses: None.

DESIRED Qualifications

  • Experience working with the proposed age group;
  • Experience supporting adults and children in learning and the use of technology;
  • An ability to learn new technology tools quickly (e.g. database and web-based tools);

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