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This year sure feels like it’s a bit unrelenting in stress, anxiety, and unpredictability. But many jobs have some element of positivity and happiness—or just sound fun to do. That’s why we compiled a list of 10 fun, uplifting remote jobs.

10 Uplifting Remote Jobs Hiring Now

1. Customer Success Manager

HappyCo is a real-time operations platform for property management. As a customer success manager, you’ll be responsible for delivering exceptional customer service to existing customers. That includes meeting with customers regularly to make strategic recommendations, address their concerns, and help identify solutions for them.

2. Business-to-Business Content Marketing Manager develops digital and physical products that help individuals find peace of mind and relaxation. The business-to-business content marketing manager helps further Calm’s mission to make the world happier and healthier by developing a content marketing strategy to increase site traffic, generate new leads, and support customer engagement.

3. Customer Happiness Specialist

Introvoke is an embeddable live-event product that helps clients create integrated brand experiences by letting brands turn their website into a digital stage. The customer happiness specialist answers phone, chat, and email tickets, identifies areas of improvement in customer education, and helps update the product road map.

4. Health Concierge

CVS Health is a leading healthcare company that joined Aetna in 2018. The CVS Health concierge engages, consults, and educates members to deliver an individual health program tailored for every members’ unique needs and preferences.

5. Digital Marketing Manager

Booksy is an online platform that handles the back end of appointment scheduling for hairstylists, barbers, and others in the beauty field, so users can focus on making their clients look and feel amazing. The digital marketing manager works cross-functionally to help drive sales, close leads, and build lead pipelines.

6. Lead Copywriter and Brand Storyteller

Using problems and examples from a global community of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, helps over 9 million students, professionals, and lifelong learners learn math and science. The lead copywriter and brand storyteller will create well-crafted, inspiring, and fun messages for various marketing channels.

7. Education Specialist

Zingtree is a computer software company that helps clients manage internal processes, guide customers, and create agent scripts. The education specialist is part of an integrated team that creates and delivers educational and inspirational content for customers to help them achieve their desired business goals.

8. Executive Assistant

Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) is a nonprofit organization that connects military families with the resources they need to navigate all aspects of military life and thrive. The executive assistant manages the president and executive directors’ calendars, coordinates travel arrangements, and prepares expense reports.

9. Customer Happiness Manager

Athletic Greens manufactures an all-natural, whole-food, premium energy drink. As the customer happiness manager, you’ll supervise the U.S. customer happiness team, create and report performance metrics, and deliver a world-class customer experience.

10. Happiness Engineer

Automattic is a web development company with notable products, like WordPress, VaultPress, and JetPack. The happiness engineer works with customers to help them troubleshoot any issues with patience, grace, and a sense of humor.

Source: FlexJobs